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tezukaryouma's Journal

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[手塚xリョーマ] / [リョーマx手塚]
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「手塚xリョーマ」 / 「リョーマx手塚」

welcome to the first and largest LJ community dedicated to the TEZUKAxECHIZEN / ECHIZENxTEZUKA pairing from TENNIS NO OUJISAMA / PRINCE OF TENNIS.

comments, questions, fiction recommendations, doujinshi scans, picture posts, and general fangirling on our favorite pairing are very welcome.

however, please keep NC-17 and R-18 fiction and art/doujinshi posts under friends' lock; when posting pictures which are not your personal works, please credit accordingly.

also, please keep entries longer than three solid paragraphs or posts with images larger than 600px x 400px under a cut.

ads for other communities should be kept to a minimum; if posting, at the very least kindly keep them on topic.

most importantly, absolutely no flaming and/or idiotic behavior on the community journal; you do not want to test the mod, we promise.

that's it for the posting guidelines. if you're already a member of the community, you can also take a look at the FAQ post. thank you for joining and have fun! よろしく お願いします!

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